Association Regulations

The main purposes of the Board is to manage common areas and resources and collect dues to pay expenses. Dues are currently $200.00 per quarter. They pay for expenses such as maintenance, landscaping and improvement of common areas and recreation facilities, insurance policies and legal, accounting, and web fees for the Association, and social activities. The Association also maintains a reserve fund for replacement costs of major items.

The Board enforces the rules and restrictions of the Association. These are included in the Disclosure Packet that is given to all homeowners when they purchase a home in Fontana. If you need a new copy of the disclosure packet, please contact the Associa Community Group's Richmond office. The direct line is 804-727-3642. Among other documents, the packet contains:

Note that the above links are copies for reference only; disclosure packets must include the originals that are not marked "Unofficial Copy."

The Fontana Owners Association, Inc., is subject to the Code of Virginia Property Owners' Association Act.