Pool and Pavilion

The following rules and regulations, as adopted by the Fontana Owners Association, Inc. (FOAI) Board of Directors are for the protection and benefit of all members. Members using Fontana’s Clubhouse and/or Pool should familiarize themselves with the rules. Parents are responsible for to cautioning their children and guests to observe all rules. Non-compliance with these rules may result in restriction or revocation of privileges.

The Clubhouse/Pool should be treated as though it is your own home.
The Clubhouse/Pool is for use by FOAI members, lessees, and their guests only

Operating Hours and Dates

  • The pool season opens and closes on dates set by the Board each year, with opening approximately Memorial Day weekend and closing between Labor Day weekend and mid-September, depending on maintenance needs.

  • During the season, the Pool is open 7 days a week from 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM. For safety reasons, it is closed and off limits to members and their guests after hours and during the off-season

Guest Policy

  • Each Fontana household is allowed to have a maximum of four (4) guests at any time. Overnight and/or out-of-town house guests are exempt from this rule.

  • Guests under thirteen (13) years of age must be accompanied by someone in the member’s household at least sixteen (16) years of age.

  • Members must remain at the Pool with their guests at all times and are responsible for their behavior.

Members' Children

  • Members’ children under thirteen (13) years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a member or authorized caregiver sixteen (16) years of age or older. Members will be held accountable for the behavior of their children and children’s caregivers.

  • Any child inside the Baby Pool enclosure must be supervised by someone over the age of 16 (parent, guardian, caregiver, etc.).

  • Children over the age of eight (8) are not permitted in the Baby Pool at any time.

  • When in the water, children who are not toilet trained must wear a waterproof swimming diaper covered by waterproof pants under swimwear.

General Pool Rules

  • The Pool gate and clubhouse doors must be fully closed at all times and not propped open at any time. If you are the last one to leave the Pool area, please ensure that the gate and all doors are closed and secured behind you. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY, INSURANCE, AND LIABILITY REQUIREMENT.

  • Members should have their security key fob with them at all times for access, identification as a bona fide user, and to be able to access the clubhouse bathrooms.

  • Members are expected to identify themselves if asked by anyone acting for the association (Board member, pool vendor, etc.).


  • A reservation form is needed if you wish to invite more than four outside guests (non-exclusive) to the pool so the membership can be notified. Only the FOAI Board of Directors can grant permission for pool parties with more than four outside guests (not including overnight guests).

  • Proper bathing suit apparel is required at all times. No regular clothing, cut-offs, or “skinny dipping” allowed in the pool.

  • Anyone with skin abrasions, colds, inflamed eyes, infections, or wearing bandages is not permitted in the water.

  • No glass is allowed on Pool grounds, including the Pool deck and playground areas.

  • No smoking within the fenced Pool area or anywhere on Clubhouse property.

  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the Pool grounds except as approved by the Board of Directors.

  • FOAI is not responsible for the loss or damage of any property brought onto or left on the premises by any member or guest.

  • No pets may be brought inside the fenced area or tied to the outside of the fence or any part of the property.

  • Pool furniture must be left in the Pool area at all times. Pool furniture may not be overturned, broken, damaged, placed in either Pool, or abused in any way. If furniture is damaged, we ask that you contact a Board member immediately.

  • Pool “toys” are limited to swim aids, masks/goggles, and small flotation devices (such as foam noodles). Boogie boards, air mattresses, Frisbees, aqua lungs, or weight belts are not permitted. Non-floating items, such as rocks, dirt, fishing weights may not be thrown into the Pool. Food may never be thrown into the Pool. Objects designed to be thrown into a Pool and retrieved are allowed provided they are not left in the pool.

  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and roller skates/blades are not allowed in the Pool area.

  • A First Aid kit is located in the Clubhouse kitchen cabinet. Please notify a Board member if the kit must be restocked.

  • If you have opened an umbrella while at the Pool, please lower prior to leaving. This will help prevent the number one cause of umbrella damage—being blown over by the wind.

  • Clean up after yourselves and your guests and deposit all trash in trash cans located near the pool entrance.