Architectural Review Board


Fontana has been planned to be a distinctive and unique community in the Charlottesville area. The ARB was established to provide guidance to homeowners and ensure that the quality of the architecture, design, and landscaping in Fontana remains high. All homeowners receive a copy of the Fontana Architectural Design Guidelines when they purchase a house in Fontana. Anyone wishing to or alter the exterior of any structure, including landscaping, fencing, sheds and home additions, must follow the procedure and guidelines described in that document. An application must be submitted to the ARB and the design approved before any building or alteration can begin. You must be the owner of the property before beginning the ARB process.

The Architectural Review Board members are appointed by the Board of Directors. They are:

  • Dave Durovy

  • Lou Falzer

  • Mike Zimmerman

Email the ARB

Both the procedures and application documents are available here in electronic form. The ARB Application is a PDF form, which means you can save a copy on your computer and fill in the gray areas using the Adobe Reader, then print out the completed form, sign it, and give/send it to the ARB.